Security on Priority

We offer the highest level of service to our clients.Our Guards are trained to submit electronic pdf report sheets.

Trained & Efficient Team

We conduct extensive background checks on all our employees. Supervisors make scheduled and unscheduled visits to ensure that we and our security guards provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Trained Security

Our Guards are professionally trained with basic security Training (BST) and advance security training (AST) to give you a safe environment at all places & at all times.

Latest Equipment

We Use the latest technology IBR 900 to track the time and position of the guards.



We provide security services to all types of residential communities.


We provide trained and skilled security guards for total protection of your offices employees and assets.

Construction Sites

We provide full security for your construction sites including assets.

Parking Lots

We provide all types of security in parking lots with Alarm Response.


Our aim is to create a sound & safe environment for shoppers, employees & guests.

Security on Demand

We provide Services either contractually or on day to day basis.


We provide event security in schools, weddings, functions, celebrations etc.

CCTV Security

We provide CCTV security to protect your business & homes .

Schools & Holy Places

We provide security guards in schools & holy places.

About Instant Security

We focus on provision of the best security for the satisfaction of our clients.

INSTANT SECUIRTY INC is a trusted name among security guards company that provides security services for residential , commercial , construction sites , schools , holy places , events , retail and others.

We are Hiring

We offer a great opportunity to those who want an exciting career in the security guard industries. Please contact us.

He/she must be more than 18 years of age for the job of a security guard in Vancouver with valid driving license, a clean record , work permit and resident permit. He should be able to pass background check and drug screening.He must be carrying valid license for the service of security guard.